… from the Apprentice is a great case of a neurotic. He cites his father’s death as an important event in his life. He internalised the traits of his demanding father before his death. The death triggered him to follow what his father had wanted – he created an imago his dad in his psyche. Since he never succeeds in fulfilling the high expectations, he is doomed to a cycle of (good) achievement and new goals – without the celebration of success. He uses his drive as a defense against other people’s feelings and demands upon him. At some point I thought he is using the ‘drama’ of his father’s death and his own hardship as a facade, but I think his spiel is genuine.

While Neil comes across as a very driven and successful individual, he is a very unhappy person. He is constantly under-achieving according to his standards. This also makes him quite unsociable as his achievement drive makes him egotistical – self-centered. He never rests. Compared to other candidates he lacked a sense of humour and irony. Failure for him is due to lack of effort not to a wrong strategy.