What we learned from the election
1. Polls are pretty bad: All of them predicted a hung parliament, none predicted a Con majority
2. Miliband and Murphy are perceived as too weak
3. Conservatives electioneered us. They started out with cuts in the beginning, then drove wages down which led to growth (and inequality) and now we have relative good growth which means people won’t vote for the incumbent.
4. Miliband chose the wrong strategy. He should have gone more directly against cuts
5. Voters’ minds move very slow. LibDems still got punished for 5 years ago. Labour still gets punished for more than 5 years ago.
6. The voting system is a farce. Ukip have 12.5% of the vote but only one MP – not that I want them to have seats. LibDems have higher % than SNP but fewer seats.


I went to a talk by psychology Prof Zimbardo http://www.theschooloflife.com/london/shop/philip-zimbardo-on-masculinity/ who is famous for the prison experiment. He was talking about how young boys are disconnected because they play too many video games and watch too much porn. He whizzed through 1 slide per minute packed with numbers. Although I agree with him on the dangers of gaming and porning, he didn’t fully prove the link that those patterns really explain the underperformance and withdrawal of teenagers. His main thesis is that young men are less sociably adapt and that makes them less successful. The audience disagreed with him on certain parts:
- Young mean always had trouble
o I agree with Zimbardo that the addictiveness of gaming/porning is different as it disconnects men for life
o He also stated that young men are more likely to be hooked onto prescription drugs (eg Ritalin)
- Zimbardo neglected patriarchy and male sexual violence
o Rather irrelevant claim as talk wasn’t about that
- Zimbardo has an antiquated picture of men as competitors or womanisers
o Somewhat true, but I think people judge him by his character rather than what he says academically
o Men do need some competition and success, whether in sports, academia or business, funny example is this movie http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0377834/