Benjamin in his work on the reproducibility of art distinguishes between Sammlung (collection, concentration) and Zerstreuung (dispersion, distraction). He claims that historically art has been for few collectors and new art work (like film) is for the distraction of the masses. We could see this as an elitist view of art, but there is not much judgement. There is a religious sphere in art (contemplation, ritual).
Related to concentration we have attention, attention is a way of paying for content. We can be attention seekers. There is an economy of attention, it is limited. Constant attention to many things over a long time destroys our attention ability, it becomes flat. Media requires constant attention to get paid for eyeball counts via advertising. Ubiquitous media is a Zerstreuungsmaschine. Aufmerksamkeit (attention, courtesy) has merken in its root, merken is about remembering. If we outlay the memory to technology, we also lose the ability to pay attention. Aufmerksamkeit is also a form of kindness. We step away from reflection and just absorb.