The young 21st century appears to be very eventful. Do we live in the age of terror?

Let’s recapitulate what happened. 2001 we had the New York attack of 9/11, 2008 we had a big financial meltdown and ensuing depression, 2010 we had the Arab Spring – of which the Syrian crisis is the remaining stain on our conscience. Ever since we see huge dissatisfaction in the West. Populists appear (Trump, Farage, Le Pen) who suggest a return to the old world. They provide us with post truth politics, because they understand that only images matter and arguments don’t.

Some think that globalisation has eroded wealth in the West. Global GDP (dominated by the West) has grown very little. At the core is really the financial and economic collapse. Finance crash leads to austerity, leads to poverty, leads to unrest, leads to political crisis. Well situated populists claims to be anti-establishment.

We feel we have it harder than our parents. Maybe the falling behind of the average Western Joe is just normal, why should he always be on top?

Too much information depresses us, we become perfectionists, we blame ourselves for our suboptimal behaviour. We try to get it right: optimise our lives with health food and gyms. #fail is the scorn with which we punish our fellow unsuccessful peers. We become risk averse.

We have three types of terror: religious, financial and technological. The latter is the urge to share our lives online (onlife) and be 100% available – we can only show our best side. Terror is subjective.

We have war on too many fronts.